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Since 2005, over 75 community leaders have participated as mentors in the Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program. Mentorship is deemed to be at the core of the program, and we take pride in the commitments our mentors make to work with promising talent. The Laval Entrepreneur Mentor Program is two semesters in length, and we seek individuals to serve as mentors who are willing to devote the required time to meet with our students.


Students come from a variety of backgrounds with diverse career aspirations. Mentors provide guidance, insights into developing professional relationships, advice, and provide opportunities to engage in professional venues.


A mentor can expect to spend a minimum of one hour every two weeks with the student. Many mentors exceed this commitment. It is not unusual for the mentor relationship to go far beyond the college years of the student as they enter their career path and continue to seek counsel.


If you believe in serving the role of a mentor to a student, we would welcome to hear from you. Please complete the short form below and you will be contacted to learn more about your interest.

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"As mentors, we are supposed to help students discover their Purpose. In the process, I feel like I’ve discovered mine. I love being a mentor!"


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