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EMP sessions are held on each Friday from 12-3pm. Lunch is provided. The sessions include professional development activities, student presentations, and presentations by community leaders who share their insights and experiences on successes and failures.



Two mixers are scheduled each semester. One is organized by the mentors, the second is organized by the students. Mixers may have over 120 people in attendance. The mixers provide students an opportunity to network with community leaders in a relaxed and fun environment.


One student each semester is selected to receive the Claude Laval Award by demonstrating a commitment to the Program and utilizing the numerous resources and support made available. The Betty Lou Laval Award is made each semester to three students who demonstrate exceptional development in one of the five skills. Each semester students have a challenge to complete and showcase before judges. In the Spring, the challenge is to create a prototype of a food product based on Central Valley agriculture. In the Fall, the challenge is to create a subscription box prototype unique to the market and with probable success. Cash awards are provided to first, second, and third place.



EMP focuses on building skills in leadership, vision, team building, networking, and pitching. These five skills are essential for any chosen career path. Skill development is achieved through challenges, goal-setting, attending special events, and working with their mentor on career planning and goals.

Field Trips

Two full day field trips (Fridays) are organized to visit companies in the Central Valley who are leaders in their industry. The trips provide informal meetings with executive staff of the companies, a tour of the facility, and an opportunity to learn more about methods for building successful companies.


Each student is assigned to one or two mentors who they meet with regularly throughout the program. Mentors are selected based on the skill development and career goals of the student. The mentor-student relationship is at the core of the program and often leads to a professional relationship lasting for years. Mentors are successful community leaders who willingly give their time and support to students.


CEO Conference

Each Fall the Global Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization holds a conference bringing over 1000 college students together over three days. The conference offers workshops, presentations by national entrepreneurs and an opportunity to network with students dedicated to developing entrepreneurial skills. EMP students are fully funded to attend the conference which have in the past been held in Chicago, Tampa, Kansas City, Fort Worth, and San Diego.

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